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Luke Burns is the founder and director of the Online Centre for Religious Studies.

Luke Burns @lbburns13
Luke is a graduate of the Open University, and has an interest in the natural world, religious experiences, and the possibility of life beyond this planet.
He lives in Somerset, England with his wife and pet degus.

Hi! Nice to meet you :)

I like buying too many books and learning about people’s religious and philosophical worldviews.

In 2016 I founded the Online Centre for Religious Studies, an organisation that aims to make religious studies accessible for a wide audience, without hiding anything behind specialist language. I was in part inspired by the way that open source programming documentation is often written in a clear, open, and friendly style, without sacrificing detail or meaning.

I spent several years working on the OCRS, creating an introductory online course, and completing my undergradutate studies with the Open University.

In 2020 I achieved a First Class Honours Degree in Humanties, with a focus on Religious Studies. I am now working to create a comprehensive online resource for learning about religion and worldviews: Understanding Religion.

Come find me on Twitter (@lbburns13), or shoot me an email: