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A religious tradition that originated in Iran, and which teaches that one singular deity is responsible for the universe, and that this deity has revealed itself through many different religious systems and prophets.

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For the Bahá’í Faith, there is only one deity, and it is responsible for the creation, maintenance, and dissolution of the world.

They call this deity Bahá.

Bahá is a personal deity, who is aware of the activities of the world, and sends messengers and prophets to communicate on its behalf. Of particular note is that Bahá’ís consider many religious figures from other traditions to be legitimate representatives of Bahá - for example Jesus, Muhammad, and Gautama Buddha.

Because these revelations and messages are tailored to suit the time and place in which they are shared, there is a progressive nature to religion, and Bahá’s end goal is a unified, peaceful world free from persecution and hatred.

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