Rejected Religion

This page published on: 28/10/2020

Last modified: 28/10/2020

Published by: Stephanie Shea

Discussions on religious topics typically viewed as alternative, forbidden, or heretical.

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What is meant by “rejected” in Rejected Religion? Put simply, it’s everything that has been considered ‘heretical’ or ‘forbidden’ by the dominant religions throughout Western history. Think of terms such as ‘the occult’ or ‘the esoteric’ and all that can be located in that area - magical practices such as witchcraft; alternate worldviews such as Satanism; systems such as astrology and tarot; the use of hallucinogenic substances for ‘spiritual’ growth; or well-known people such as Aleister Crowley – this is just a small sample of the larger ‘esoteric’ category that this platform addresses.


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